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Monday, August 19, 2002
The Stormy search for the Self: A guide to personal growth through transformational crisis : Christina & Stanislav Grof.
[DUB] 158.1 (1990, Putnam, 0874775531)
This is an interesting book. More from the point of view of assuring people who believe in alternative views of reality that they aren't necessarily insane just seeing the world in a different way. Also interesting in that Mr (actulally Dr) Grof is a qualified psychologist and recognises that persons going through this kind of problem may be labeled as clinically suffering from some form of mental illness when that is not the treatment they need.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002
The Aquarian Conspiracy - Personal and social transformation in the 1980's by Marilyn Ferguson
[DUB] 973.927 (1981, Routledge & Keegan Paul, 0710008295)
As a historical document this is interesting- the depth and breath of her optimism is wonderful, but flawed. Her perspective is of a world without the debilitating recession and multinationalisation that happened in the 1980's. It is interesting to see how things could have been but never was. Some of her points would still make the world a better place but there wouldn't be as much space for it now as then. A sad book in places and illuminating in others.

Saturday, August 10, 2002
Tai Chi Ch'uan - Wei Yue Sun MD & William Chen PhD
[DUB] 613.71 (1995, Sterling Publishing, 0806913665)
Although some of the comments are a bit strict the pictures are great and descriptions of how to do the exercises is quite comprehensive - useful if you're trying to remember a move.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002
American Gods : Neil Gaiman
[DUB] Fiction - Urban Fantasy (2001, Headline, 0747274231)
Recommended to me by the folks on the Cauldron (a Delphiforum) this is a book I have looked at frequently and thought about reading, I finally got a copy and really enjoyed it. Helps if you have some idea of the Gods involved and some of their mythology but it is a rousing yarn. It's interesting to see how perception can mould reality.

Monday, July 29, 2002
Rachael Pollack - Godmother Night
[DUB] Fiction (1996, Abacus, 0349108366)
Yeah, I finally finished this one by making myself. I didn't really enjoy it. It's a mythcentric highly literary, gynocentric book. The only stable relationships are Lesbian and the world, although it's very close to our own, including names of countries etc, rides on the back of a turtle. The relationship between a few generations of women and Godmother Night - Death. People who like magic realism would probably like this one, I didn't really and was left with a bad feeling in my mouth after it - and a feeling of guilt, because that sort of thing isn't supposed to affect my reading, on hindsight even if the characters - or some of the characters were heterosexual I'd probably still not like it.

Sunday, July 21, 2002
Ian McDonald : King of Morning, Queen of Day
[DUB] Fiction - Fantasy (1992, Bantam, 0553403710)
myth-centric Ireland with faerie folk of the old school. I must admit to being a little disappointed with it and a feeling of vague dissatisfaction with the conclusion of the story.

Ru Emerson : Spellbound
[P] (1990, Ace, 0441777929)
Retelling of Cinderella based in Germany, questions the motives of the Fairy Godmother. Not her best but well told.

Jean Stubbs : The Witching Time
[P, DUB] Fiction - Romance (1999, Orion, 0752827227)
In the tradition of Dion Fortune but with a shade more Romance this book has quite a sympathetic view of witches without being too cosy. Something like ‘Chocolat’ but not as well written.

From the original list I had of stuff that is inspirational to me as a pagan: full reviews will happen at some other time

Gael Baudino - Strands Series Particularly

Marion Zimmer Bradley - Darkover, some short storie, particularly ‘Golden Butterflies’

Charles de Lint - Moonheart and Greenmantle

Teresa Edgerton - Green Lion I (I want the rest just can’t get them)

Dion Fortune

Katherine Kurtz - Deryni series

Katherine Kurtz with Deborah Turner Harris - Adept Series

Mercedes Lackey

Andre Norton - Especially Mark of the Cat (I do want the sequel) based on the beautiful Tarot of the Cat People!

Diana L Paxson - Brisingamen (my copy is missing!!) and The Paradise Tree

Elizabeth Scarborough

Barbara Hambly - Darwath Trilogy et seq, Ladies of Mandrigan et seq

Nina Kiriki Hoffman - Thread that binds the Bones

Isobel Bird - Circle of 3 - teen fiction but well worth the read

Moya Caldecott -Guardian of the Tall Stones

C J Cherryh - The Dreaming Tree - Awe and wonder and elvish blood coming through

Tom Deitz - Windmaster Bane et seq

Ru Emerson - Tales of Nedao

Diane Duane - wizardry series

Maggie Furey - Aurian

Adrienne Martine Barnes - Fire Sword et seq

Stanley Morgan - Raven - more psionics than fantasy but fun all the same

Tamora Pierce

Kathleen Sky - Witchdame

Midori Snyder - New Moon Trilogy (need book 3)

Tanith Lee - East of Midnight

Robin McKinley - Blue Sword, Beauty, The Hero and the Crown

Monday, June 24, 2002
No Logo by Naomi Kelin [DUB] (Flamingo, 2001, 0006530400)
This is powerful stuff, asking questions about the way we percieve brands and branding and the complacency with which people allow corporations to dictate the ways things work. I was at times disturbed by it and sometimes celebratory in the way she points out some of the good ways people have forced change.
Being a person who really doesn't believe in Logo's (I have this profound distrust of doing other people's advertising for them!) I was comforted and disturbed by how easily some people have been manipulated by the media and the advertisers.
It was also interesting to see how the job market has been manipulated by companies. Contributing as little as they get away with to a country's tax base and assuming that they will get away with it forever.
I really wonder what is happening with the world and whether or not we will be ruled by ourselves in the future or by corporations that will regard us as numbers and not free people. You can see it creaping in where people are ruled by social security or job numbers and not by their names.